Week 10

Within moments of Putin entering the plant, the polarities of the superconducting electromagnets within the accelerator began to vacillate.

The accelerated particles were no longer confined to narrow beams, and began striking the copper-tubing walls with great force.

Apparently, the operating staff believed the instrument readings to be a malfunction, since such events were thought to be impossible.

They overrode the automatic systems, ignored the alarms, and failed to take action to shut down the accelerator until it was much too late.

The off-site centralized monitoring system recorded the initial stages of the catastrophe, such as the increasing power of the klystrons.

The wave generators were operating well beyond theoretical limits even before the recording instruments failed.

As the cooling system began to shut down, the electromagnets heated to unprecedented levels. Finally, emergency procedures were begun.

At 1:23:40, the vacuum was breached, but whether as a result of the uncontrolled atomic acceleration, or by Putin himself, is unknown.

The subsequent course of events was not registered by instruments, and can be surmised only by mathematical simulations.

The first explosion occurred at 1:23:52, and released high levels of radiation, too high to be measured on plant dosimeters.

At 1:24:00 the second, much larger, explosion released more radiation and vaporized all life forms within 10 kilometres … all but one.

Firefighters arrived at 1:28, unaware that radiation levels were 5.6 R/s. Within weeks, all would die of acute radiation sickness.

Later, several firefighters spoke of seeing a glowing human form striding boldly from within the burning plant, but these were dying men.

Accounts of the lone survivor, his shirt blown off by the explosions, were omitted from all official reports.

In the immediate chaos of the disaster, no one challenged the survivor as he strode through the flames and out into the surrounding forest.

Xenon radioisotopes made him strong! His memory was restored, he knew what he had to do, he knew who he was: He was Putin!

Late the next day, authorities began the “temporary” evacuation of Pryp’yat. Residents piled onto buses, leaving most of their belongings.

Once the city was empty, Putin began assembling supplies from the abandoned property. He would be travelling with just the bare necessities.

First, of course, the vehicle: He was drawn to a yellow Lada with low mileage, but decided a motorcycle would be even more badass.

He quickly settled on a police-equipped IZH Yunker, left behind by the patrols who were supposed to be guarding the city.

Putin smiled with satisfaction as he felt the Yunker throbbing between his legs. He gave it some gas, and began the long ride northward.