Week 116

Outside the K-7, chaos continued. Snowy and Murder Cat stood back-to-back, killing crazed monks. “Have you noticed something?” Snowy asked.

“There aren’t as many as before?” Murder Cat said, wading slowly through a waterlogged pile of dismembered corpses to reach new attackers.

“Besides that,” Snowy replied, smashing a skull with one giant paw. “Seems like they WANT to die, as long as they’re near that ugly statue.”

Murder Cat paused and watched as a monk looked up at the giant effigy, screamed something unintelligible, and threw himself at the War Bear.

Snowy dispatched the monk with one swipe. “Sacrificing themselves to their god,” Murder Cat agreed, easily ripping another monk in half.

“I don’t like it,” Snowy grumbled, as two monks raced forward together. “I want to fight, not help these fanatics commit suicide.”

“Let’s stop and see what happens,” Murder Cat suggested with a grim smile. He and the War Bear moved closer together and waited.

One of the two attackers broke away from the other and raced forward, looking upward at the statue and screaming the monk’s battle cry.

Instead of killing him, Snowy pushed him backwards. The monk fell over his dead brothers and landed on the ground, unhurt.

Immediately, the other monks ran forward and began beating their unfortunate brother until he stopped breathing.

“Didn’t see that coming,” Murder Cat said. “He failed as a sacrifice,” Snowy explained, as one of the murdering monks came at them.

“Allow me,” said Murder Cat, as he swept the monk to one side with the arm of his battle mech. Again, the monk landed on the ground unhurt.

As he began screaming in frustration and rage, the other monks hurried over to beat him to death.

When they were finished, the remaining monks stood together, panting and staring warily at Snowy and Murder Cat. “Had enough?” MC asked.

“They don’t trust us to kill them,” Snowy nodded. The monks huddled together, not sure what to do next.

Dr. Antonosky peered down from his hiding place near the edge of the plateau. “What a shitshow,” he thought.

The plan had seemed so reasonable, back in the Order’s headquarters in Moscow: Lure Mantis to Cthulu, and watch them destroy each other.

Then the Putin Pals are killed, and the Order captures Putin. Stalin gets a new body, and the Red Tsar begins his thousand-year reign.

“It could happen,” Antonosky told himself hopefully. “It could still happen.” The Red Tsar emitted another horrendous odor.

Bloody hell! What good was it to stay out of sight, when anyone could smell Stalin a mile away? The doctor turned to his Leader.

And then the whole sky darkened, and a high-pitched wailing arose from the monks crouching on the shore below.

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