Week 122

Inside the mothership, Mantis also felt the force of the Putinescent blast. It was nearly time to take back their own.

Slowly, carefully, the huge Insekt space pyramid began to lower, gradually coming ever closer to the great inland sea below.

As the shadow of the massive craft fell across the battle, Kanye West looked up from the wardrobe bag being proffered by his robot squire.

“Oh mah gaw!” he breathed. At last it had come for him! At last he would take his rightful place!

How many video games had he played, trying to find the right combination? He was right to have joined the Order, that was the key!

His castration had been a test—No! A purification! Now he was pure, now he was ready! Kanye stepped forward confidently and raised his arms.

“Ascend!” Kanye shouted to the enormous Insekt craft above. He smiled, expectantly waiting.

All around him, the battle raged. The stench of vaporized Insekts, destroyed by Putin’s power blast, was overwhelming.

Slowly, a port in the bottom of the hovering pyramid began to open. “Yes!” Kanye shouted. “Ascend! Ascend!”

The opening widened and more Insekts poured forth, flying in a seemingly endless stream into the dark shadow cast by the mothership.

The Green Mother sent them forth to die. Many had died already; this was to be expected. Always, in battle, many would die.

No matter how many were killed, there would always be more. How many humans were still alive on the shore below? And how many beasts?

It did not matter. The mothership held many thousands—thousand upon thousands. Not one was afraid of death: Death was to be expected.

On the shore beneath the great floating pyramid, Snowy had returned to fight alongside Murder Cat—monks, Insekts, whatever came their way.

But both their battle mechs were damaged, and they began to tire. “Look,” Murder Cat said, pointing upward to the swarming Insekts.

“Ascend! Ascend!” Kanye screamed as the swarm flew overhead. The glittering gold chains he wore caught the attention of a giant waterbug.

It swooped down, snatched Earth’s greatest rock star in its maxillae, and flew back toward the opening in the mothership.

The Queen Mother was hungry. She wished to feed!

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