Week 126

Hovering high above, the Green Mother dispassionately watched the carnage. She saw only fluctuating decision trees and odds of success.

The Orange Robes all were dead. Most of the Order were dead. The Red Tsar was still dead. This was as She had expected.

The Putin Pals were not yet all dead: This was not expected. She would send more Insekts, more and more, until all were eradicated.

All but Putin, of course. It did not seem as if they would need him to conquer the Earth after all, but he could be of use elsewhere.

There were so many worlds, so many that did not, at first, understand that reverence to Mantis was the only option.

Earth had strayed, but the Hive was reclaiming its lost territory. This was inevitable, for the Hive can be delayed, but never stopped.

Mantis sent a command through the hive mind, and on the ship’s bridge, drone beetles began positioning the great brood pyramid for landing.

Closer and closer, the giant Insekt spacecraft sank to within a few hundred yards of the rubble that was once the great Cthulu statue.

Snowy looked up wearily as the Mantis mothership descended, blotting out all trace of the sun and plunging them into deep twilight.

A few hundred yards away, Putin stood staring at Stalin’s headless body. Snowy watched him, and redoubled her efforts against the Insekts.

Fighting next to her, Murder Cat kept looking hopefully for his friend Black Ops. Surely he would emerge from the water any minute!

Pulpo Paul could not deal with all the Pals’ trauma at once; he turned to Putin, sending thoughts to try to help him out of his shock.

Staring at the headless body of his idol, Putin realized two things: He was going into shock, and he was finally free of the White Room.

Putin suppressed a retch and felt a brief spell of vertigo. He swayed at the knees for a moment, caught himself, and straightened up.

Doctor Antonosky peeked out from his hiding place behind the rocks, and spied Stalin’s head resting near the lapping waves. What a disaster!

Lower and lower came the giant pyramid, closer and closer to where Putin stood, alone and undefended.

In a blur, Mantis tore a leg off Kanye’s limp carcass and thrust it to her sharp mandibles. She watched Putin’s image grow on the monitor.

Victory was near. She decided to send forth the last of the Insekt warriors, to assure total destruction of the foes.

The Great Pyramid emitted a broad black stream, and the deafening drone of countless beating wings echoed off the mountain walls.

The massive Mantis mothership hovered over the pile of rubble where the statue of Cthulu had once stood. The time had come, the time of…

An impossibly massive arm burst from the sea, grabbed an edge of the Insekt pyramid, and flung it against a mountain.

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