Week 38

The animals looked at each other. The tapping came again. “Could it be they’re attaching an explosive to the hull?” Snowy asked.

Black Ops frowned and blinked his weird eyes. He was the team’s explosives expert. “I don’t think so,” he finally replied.

Again there was tapping, gentle and rhythmic. “I think they want to come in,” Murder Cat said. “But who are they?”

They decided that Murder Cat would go outside to investigate. He suited up and prepared to step into the airlock.

“Be careful!” Snowy warned. Murder Cat just grinned his toothy tiger smile and closed the airlock door.

Soon he was outside the headquarters, moving gracefully through the water toward the two bobbing forms. What strange creatures they were!

Murder Cat thought they resembled dolphins, except … they had long, twisted horns protruding from their heads! “Unicorns?” he wondered.

But weren’t unicorns more like horses? On the other hand, Snowy had once mentioned “sea horses,” so who knew?

In any event, those spikes looked as if they could do some damage, and certainly the creatures would swim better than he.

The two strangers remained floating quietly near the hull, looking placidly at the enormous Siberian tiger in his diving suit.

Murder Cat decided they did not have aggressive intentions, so he turned and swam back to the airlock door.

“So, MC!” Putin smiled, “What do you make of our visitors? What are they?” “Sir!” Murder Cat replied, “They are noncombatants, Sir!”

Putin laughed. “Quite right. And they are also narwhals. Luckily, I speak fluent Seamammal. Let’s test the microphone.”

Putin flipped a switch and began to speak: “Bleeeeep! Eh-eh- eh-eh-eh! Wheeeeee-ooop!” The twin narwhals thrashed excitedly at his words.

“Bleeee-eeep!” they replied. “Whoo-oop! Whoo-oop! Eh-eh-eh- eh!” Putin turned from the screen with a satisfied smile.

“They have watched us building our fortress, and they wish to assist us. They are twins, and their names are Peaches and Herb.”

Snowy and Murder Cat exchanged a disappointed look. “What?” Putin asked, frowning.

Murder Cat looked sadly at the bobbing forms on the screen. “Well,” Snowy said reluctantly, “if they have names, then we can’t eat them.”

“Of course not!” Putin exclaimed. “They are not food! They are volunteers who have come to join us.

“The twin narwhals, Peaches and Herb, are our friends. They are our newest recruits. And I am going to name our group … the Putin Pals!”