Meanwhile, in a secret palace deep below the Forte di Belvedere, Kanye West was arguing with a group of the most powerful men in the world.

As he spoke, Kanye looked urgently at each of his fellow Order members in turn. He was pleading the case against Cheney and Kissinger.

“We’re led by the least noble, least talented, least respected, least respectful people—politicians. Period.” He jabbed a finger at Cheney.

Cheney sneered like a scolded camel and gently rocked in time with the many pumps and motors that kept him “alive.”

Kanye was warming up, getting into the rhythm of his oration. “How, Sway? You ain’t got the answers. I’ve been doin’ this more than you.

“You ain’t been doing the education. You tryna give me advice, but you ain’t spend 13 million of your own money to try to empower yourself.”

Cheney scowled at the insult, but he knew West had spent 13 million US dollars of his own fortune to clean up after the Inaugural disaster.

Cheney and Kissinger, as Lords of Surveillance, had failed to anticipate the attack, or to identify the assailants. It was a major failure.

Kanye paused for dramatic effect. He was making his move, trying to seize power from the old guard, boldly challenging the Politicians.

“What I care about is if you’re an artist and you work hard as fuck and the streets say that you deserve that shit.”

Kanye’s theatrics were more than Cheney could bear. “Go fuck yourself,” he barked, interrupting the Louis Vuitton Don’s speech.

Cheney wanted retaliation, he wanted revenge to cover his shame, and he didn’t care who the target was: It was time to feed Moloch.

“The Order does not require the love of the common man, the Order requires respect. I’m not sure Mr. West understands that.

“I think you all, increasingly, will realize that what we have here is a group of barbarians, and that they threaten all of us.

“We have intelligence that Gerard Depardieu initiated the attack on Putin. He’s currently being held under police watch at Botkin Hospital.”

Cheney turned to face the Red Tzar, lowering his eyes as he spoke. “My Lord, we should retrieve Mr. Depardieu and find out what he knows.”

The Red Tzar turned away from Cheney, towards Kanye. “Important public men like yourself are not ‘common men.’

Of course, history alone can show how important a public man has been. It is not heroes that make history, but history that makes heroes.”

The Fetid Lord turned to face the other members of the Order. “Now is not the time for petty rivalries. This will not alter our plans.

“The Politicians will be punished for their failures. Kanye West, you tell Mr. Depardieu I’d like to have a word with him.”

“So sayeth the Fetid Lord!” cried robot scorpion Walt Disney and in unison all the members of The Order responded: “So sayeth the Red Tzar!”

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