Week 67

A loud crash! One entire side of the room seemed to splinter and burst, shattering the window and the wall, forcing the bars inward.

Murder Cat leapt over the bed, out of the way of shards of flying glass. Antonosky and Mila ducked, turning away and shielding their faces.

Kanye West screamed and cut Gerard Depardieu’s throat as a gigantic Kaiju mosquito as big as a LiAZ bus forced its way through the wall.

Yeezy dropped his blade and scrambled across the floor on all fours. “Kanye, you idiot!” Antonosky cried. “You DO know him,” Mila thought.

The Kaiju stuck its proboscis deep into Gerard Depardieu’s still-warm body and began to feed, while the others huddled in the corner.

Alarms began to go off throughout the hospital. In the distance there were sirens and, closer, the chop-chop-chop of helicopter rotors.

A nursing supervisor stuck her head in the doorway, saw the sucking Kaiju, blanched, and ran away back down the hall.

“Wait! Mrs. Kuryakin! Wait!” Mila called, using the name of her middle-school teacher to sound as if she knew the woman.

She pushed past the doctor, the assassin, and the tiger, and escaped. It did not occur to them to try to stop her: She was just a nurse.

The Pals’ Krokodil hovered outside the shattered wall, but the sucking Kaiju blocked all but a sliver of space between the broken bars.

Murder Cat realized the only chance of escape was while the giant mosquito was distracted by Gerard Depardieu’s body fluids.

Quickly the lithe cat sprang back across the bed, contracting the muscles in his hind legs and launching himself through the tiny opening.

His body stretched, long and lean, as he flew threw the gap and into the air, where the Krokodil waited—just out of reach!

As the tiger began to fall, he saw a familiar form leap from the helicopter: Snowy! The war bear plunged, tethered to the Krokodil.

She reached out a giant paw and grasped Murder Cat as they fell. The helicopter tilted precariously from their combined weight, but held.

As Peaches and Herb gunned the Krokodil’s engine, Black Ops winched in the dangling Pals, until all were safely inside the copter.

“Thanks,” Murder Cat grinned. “When he hears how you saved me … “ Snowy nodded and looked up into the distance over the tiger’s head.

“Our Leader told me to stand down and I disobeyed,” the war bear said softly. “There will be consequences—for all of us. But …”

She lowered her gaze and looked into his eyes. “I couldn’t leave a comrade behind.” Murder Cat nodded, then sprang to the copter’s controls.

“Let me take her!” he cried, as Peaches and Herb scrambled out of his way. He revved the rotors and swung the Krokodil into a tight arc.

As they swooped downward, the rotors cut into the Kaiju, severing its head and sending bloody mosquito bits all over the street below.

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