Week 83

“Battle stations!” Putin bellowed, his face glowing in the warning lights’ red strobe like the war god Mars. The Pals did not hesitate.

The team leapt from their chairs and sprinted out along the main passageway. Paul closed his eyes and began probing the sea with his mind.

“View screens up!” Putin shouted, and dozens of monitors with live video feeds from around the fortress appeared, surrounding him.

As another blow reverberated through the Fortress, Snowy grasped the bulkhead to steady herself then rushed to seal the leaking hull.

Down the passageway, Black Ops’ hooves clattered and slid on the metal floor as he raced to man his torpedo turret. C-4 chased her tail!

“Stalin help us!” Putin muttered as he stared at a view screen that showed an enormous kaiju peacock mantis shrimp battering the hull.

The rainbow-hued beast retracted its raptorial claws, preparing to strike the hull again. Just then, Putin saw two white blurs streak by.

Peaches and Herb, encased in their new battle armor, tusks glinting in the searchlights, were charging straight for the shrimp’s eye stalks!

Peaches landed a direct hit, her tusk obliterating one of the shrimp’s eyes with its 16 color-receptive cones. Herb was not so lucky.

Before he could strike, the kaiju swung and snapped a massive claw, accelerating it to 23 m/s and causing the water to supercavitate.

The sonoluminescent flash blinded Herb, and the shockwave of boiling water knocked him unconscious. “Wheeeee-oop eh-eh-eh!” cried Peaches.

She rushed over and began to give him blowhole-to-blowhole resuscitation. The kaiju, its eyestalk leaking blue blood, swam toward them.

Just then, Murder Cat appeared in his seahorse-shaped battle mech and fired a barrage of small torpedoes from the craft’s swollen belly.

The kaiju snapped its claws again and a shockwave ripped through the water, detonating the torpedoes harmlessly. “Damn it!” Putin cried.

He spoke to the Pals through the Fortress’s central com system. “He’s too fast to attack one at a time! You’ll have to swarm him!”

Herb began to regain consciousness, and Peaches left him to return to the fight. She and Murder Cat circled the mighty multicolored kaiju.

The massive shrimp shrieked in rage, spinning slowly to keep its lone remaining eye on the Pals. Sensing an opening, Peaches attacked.

The Kaiju prepared to fire a shockwave, but before it could unleash, Murder Cat rushed in and wrapped his mech’s tail around the huge claw.

Enraged, the mantis shrimp reared up and waved its claw, trying to shake off the tiger. The mech stayed attached, but collided with Peaches.

“Bleeee-eeep!” cried Herb, as Peaches tumbled through the water. Inside his seahorse suit, Murder Cat struck his head and fell unconscious.

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