Week 84

When the mech crashed to the seafloor, the colossal shrimp attacked. One powerful blow from its claw shattered Murder Cat’s suit.

Suddenly, the kaiju staggered back as if it had been struck, then staggered again. Watching his monitors, Putin was baffled.

Then he looked across the room and saw that Paul was missing. He was outside, charging the monster and carrying a scuba tank for MC!

As Paul swam, he battered the mantis shrimp with psychic blows, confounding its primitive nervous system. The creature shuddered and bucked.

The octopus reached Murder Cat and plugged the regulator into his mouth, then pulled his mind away from the shrimp to focus on his comrade.

Still unconscious, Murder Cat was barely breathing. Paul dove into the depths of the tiger’s mind to pull him back to the light.

Though still reeling from Paul’s assault, the giant shrimp began to recover. Its claws moved slowly, but a counterattack seemed immanent.

Still, Murder Cat did not revive, and Paul dove deeper still into his mind. Herb was busy attending to Peaches. All were vulnerable.

The kaiju screamed and charged at the sleeping tiger and the octopus struggling to save him. Raptorial claws readied to unleash doom.

But before the beast could strike, Snowy appeared. Powerful, graceful strokes propelled her through the dark, frigid water.

Snowy darted into the shrimp’s path, diving in front of its massive claw, absorbing the blow before it reached a lethal velocity.

The massive forelimb smashed into Snowy’s torso, shattering her ribs, but the great War Bear merely gritted her teeth and kept her focus.

She clamped her huge paws onto one of the kaiju’s claws, braced her legs against the massive limb, and heaved with all her might.

The creature tried to shake her, but Snowy held on tight. She felt the tough exoskeleton flex, then crack, and then shatter.

When the limb broke, Snowy tumbled backwards, still clutching a piece of the claw. Gushing blue blood clouded the water around her.

Snowy moved to finish the fight. Kicking off the seafloor, she lunged up, holding the monster’s long claw tip like a spear.

On the seafloor, Murder Cat opened his eyes and took his first deep breath. Paul turned his mind to the future, and saw Snowy. “Oh, no!”

Brave Snowy was almost touching the creature’s mandibles before she slammed her spear deep into its mouth and felt it break into the thorax.

The beast reared up, thrashing in agony. One of its legs spasmed and its barbed tip collided with Snowy’s face. She fell, clutching her eye.

“Noooo!” Putin yelled as he watched his monitor. In his mind, he heard Paul say, “She’ll survive. We all will, because of her.”

“You’ll pay for this, Mantis!” Putin thought, as he ran to the airlock to bring in his valiant team.

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