Week 89

“Hello, my dear,” said the media mogul. “Let us go on a journey together.” She smiled again as she placed her hands on Mila’s face.

But the shock of arriving at the Order’s table had begun to wear off, and Mila was once more becoming a cunning KGB agent.

Mila’s mind raced as she analyzed her situation and tried to develop a plan. Whoever these people were, she couldn’t reveal her secrets.

As Arianna closed her eyes and began muttering an ancient incantation, Mila recalled her interrogation-resistance training.

“She … resists …” Arianna muttered, her face contorting with effort. Mila set her jaw and willed her mind to stay blank as the tundra.

The women battled silently for many long minutes before the Fetid Lord interrupted. “Enough! You can finish the interrogation later.”

Arianna opened her eyes, looking surprised and disappointed as she turned to her master. “Tell us what you have seen,” he commanded.

The sorceress regained her composure before speaking, smoothing a few out-of-place hairs and straightening her white pants suit.

“I could not retrieve any memories, only feelings. She has a deep longing for lost communion, and grieves for some lost love.”

The room was silent but for the whirr of Cheney’s mechanical heart. Arianna stared into the distance as she sought to describe her vision.

“In her mind, I heard a persistent sound in the background, far away. It was a rustling, like dry leaves in the wind, or mice, or …”

“Insekts!” hissed the digital voice of robot scorpion Walt Disney. He looked at the Fetid Lord, who nodded in assent. “She is with Mantis!”

“Yes!” cried Arianna. “I saw a dark floating mountain in her mind, but it was, in fact, a pyramid. She dreams of the Brood Ship!”

George Takei gasped. No one had suspected that Mantis had an agent so close to Putin! This was a significant failure for the Order.

Still dazed from resisting Arianna’s psychic assault, Mila did not notice the ominous way the Order members were staring at her.

“Kanye, return the prisoner to her cell,” commanded the Red Tsar. Bowlegged from his recent surgery, Yeezy did as he was told.

“This is a disaster!” barked Cheney through the zipper of his gimp mask. “Mantis sees what her spies see, and now she knows where we are!”

“No,” replied the Fetid Lord. “The woman does not know what she has seen, or where she is, and her connection with Mantis is weak.

“But clearly she loves the Hive and wants to restore her lost connection with it. We will trick her into thinking she is spying on us.

“We will make her believe the coordinates of R’lyeh are the coordinates of our temple. We will trick Mantis into attacking Cthulhu’s home!”

A faint smile was visible in the darkness beneath the Red Tsar’s cowl. “It is time for us to move against Putin and his Pals!”

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